【Lifehack】How to use efficiently you iPad and Show you ways to use it-From daily using to creative using-


Do you make the best use of your iPad? If the iPad is lying down in your room, PLEASE REMEMBER when you bought and get it!!


For me, iPad is the best device through my life! Reading many books, Editing my best photos, Drawing illustrations, and etc.


I’ll show you the ways to use iPad efficiently in my daily life, and use this as a preference.



Reading books

I usually use Kindle App for reading books. Books are very heavy and bulky, so I decided to get rid of my books and start to use Kindle App.

As a result, I could take advantage of my iPad for reading books everywhere,everytime,everyday!

If you’re a heavy reader, you should try to use Kindle App! You can read any books when you like reading!

(In addition, your room will be clean probably…)


Listening Audibles 

How often do you read books? While driving, what are you doing?

If you have more time to listen music, you try to replace music to Audible.

It is very helpful to read books from your ears while driving car, cooking dinner, or walking street.


Watching movies, dramas, animations

iPad is worth watching various movies, dramas, and animations.

I have Netflix and Amazon Prime subscriptions. In my free time, I like watching movies, dramas, and animations I prefer.

For example, when you exercise at the gym, you’re able to watch something while using a aero bike.


Keeping household expenses 

Do you keep household expenses everyday? If your answer is “NO”, you must change your routine of it!!

There are many types of household expenses Apps in App Store, so you install one you like, and keep household expenses.

After a year, your life will dramatically change and you can manage your money efficiently.


Checking maps

I like traveling abroad. When I select country to go on a trip, I check map App in my iPad Pro.

Only using iPad’ map App, you can check every countries and cities.

In addition, you can easily ask the way where you’re going to go through the trip.


Studying what you like

You can use Apple Pencil on iPad -even just normal-, so you can study what you like!

There are many notebook App, and iPad have a photo function. For example, you’ll take picture insert that photo in your notebook, and writing some texts on it.

This is very useful for us!!


Drawing illustrations

Do you like drawing illustrations? I sometimes draw illustrations after work as a hobby.

But!! It was very BULKY to carry with pens and notebooks for drawing illustrations everyday.

So, I replaced those to iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. And then, I frequently draw illustrations with those devices.

I usually use Affinity Designer. This App is worth buying and using because NOT subscription!! Moreover, functions are very similar with ‘Adobe Illustrator’.


Editing your best photos

After you took photos through the journey, how do you use the photos? Please stop uploading SNS -like facebook, instagram, twitter and so on- because your photos are unfinished yet!!

The cameras can’t express colors, shade, light, and atmospheres ,,,etc.

So before uploading the photos, I use editing App with iPad like Affinity Photo.


Managing schedule

I frequently forget my task, especially while working. So I’m sure to put my task in my schedule with Google calendar.

By this, I can remember what to do in future, not forgetting.

If you’re forgetful, Try to manage your schedule using calendar App. I especially recommend you Google calendar installed.


Composing music

Do you like music? If you have a skill to compose music, it’ll helpful to do it with iPad.

There is a Nice App to compose music named Garage Band, which is pre-installed.

Garage Band has many installments like Guiter, Piano, Drum and etc.

Let’s try to start DTM with iPad!!


Playing games

Probably MANY people usually play some games in their free time. There are a lot of games you can’t finish to play in App Store.

So when you get tired your work and household job and so on, relax and play games to refresh!


Making short movies

Have you ever made some movies in your life? If you haven’t, try to use iMovie in your iPad.

It’s easy to make movies you imagined with your photos and movies.

For example, your friend’s birthday, your family’s celebrating  day, your lover’s special day,,, you take the iPad and start movie you made, they’ll be joy and happy to watch that!



Have you ever thought “Could I use my iPad efficiently? really? If not, how should I use it?”

That was me when I started to use my iPad, and then I tried many many Apps and established how to use my iPad!

So, Let’s try to take advantages of YOUR iPad in your daily life!


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